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AI for Cloud management saving you up to 10% on AWS bills

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There are a myriad of tools available to aid growing businesses and conduct operations. SD Squared’s new is designed specifically with enterprises in mind to help, streamline various actions in the cloud. It’s a good solution for companies that depend heavily on cloud platforms for day to day operations.SD Squared’s “Upfront Cloud” strategy is all about getting access to Reserved Instance Pricing without commitment.
@ayeletnoff thank you for hunting us! Hi everyone, I'm one of the co-founders of SD Squared - the guys behind A little background: In 2012 we started working with AWS to help customers in India achieve local currency billing; over the years as we spoke to our friends around the world we heard stories of founders getting fed up of using their credit cards, getting bill shock (especially because servers were left on) & trying to deal with "a runaway cloud train". As we grew ($60m Aggregate revenue in 4 years) we found that we could deliver a massive discount to customers on their regular AWS Bill without any commitments, all we had to do was use our economies of scale merged with the idea of buying reserved instances at a master account level using the combined usage of our 500 customer accounts. i.e. we could arbitrage the Reserved Instance and give part of the benefits to our Customers whilst asking them for nothing upfront. To do this we use AI (ML to be specific), to better understand how our 500+ accounts used EC2 / RDS so our BOT could make strong predictive decisions on which RIs to buy and sell. We look at behavior of account clusters to better setup our portfolio. This has all come together in, and the idea of the "Upfront Cloud" which solves the following problems: 1) Using AWS in your Local Currency without the need of a Credit Card & intelligent alerts on usage ("Upfront Cloud Wallet). 2) Getting Enterprise Styled Discounts without any commitments ("Unscrewed Billing Service"). 3) Using Automation + BOTS to help our customers quickly do complex AWS Tasks like migrate to different AZ, setup AutoScaling and setup Backup/Monitoring. For all PH Community we are offering a guaranteed 5% discount of your AWS Bill - all you have to do is sign up via the special link @ayeletnoff has included.
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As a member of the SD Squared team, it's fantastic to see this made available to the public, and the "guaranteed 5% off for ProductHunters" that our fearless leader Sachin mentions below is no joke. is huge for anyone interacting with cloud technologies - any company, regardless of size, can benefit from this. From early-stage startups to the Fortune 500 set, it's great to hear back from users about how has solved massive headaches for them, and even proactively prevented them in the first place. Kudos to the internal Engineering teams who have worked so hard on this, and thanks to all of you for checking us out!
Signed up & using from a month. It's super awesome. In January, due to some experiments, we did to explore AWS, the bill we were expecting rose up to 500%. The day or two after, read about on TechCrunch and found it really useful especially the prepaid wallet feature. Also in talk with SD Squared Gurgaon, India team regarding AWS Server Migration.
The current hustle!

give it a shot. Highly recommended!


AWS related almost every service in an efficient way and it lot cheaper.


nothing so far