CloudOps.ai by SD Squared

AI for Cloud management saving you up to 10% on AWS bills


Ayelet Noff
@ayeletnoff · CEO, Blonde 2.0
There are a myriad of tools available to aid growing businesses and conduct operations. SD Squared’s new Cloudops.ai is designed specifically with enterprises in mind to help, streamline various actions in the cloud. It’s a good solution for companies that depend heavily on cloud platforms for day to day operations.SD Squared’s “Upfront Cloud” strategy is al… See more
Graham Seymour
@seymourgroup · VP Enterprise @ SD Squared
As a member of the SD Squared team, it's fantastic to see this made available to the public, and the "guaranteed 5% off for ProductHunters" that our fearless leader Sachin mentions below is no joke. CloudOps.ai is huge for anyone interacting with cloud technologies - any company, regardless of size, can benefit from this. From early-stage startups to the Fo… See more
Rishabh Sinha
@risiofficial · Founder & CEO at TecHacks.
Signed up & using CloudOps.ai from a month. It's super awesome. In January, due to some experiments, we did to explore AWS, the bill we were expecting rose up to 500%. The day or two after, read about CloudOps.ai on TechCrunch and found it really useful especially the prepaid wallet feature. Also in talk with SD Squared Gurgaon, India team regarding AWS … See more
Graham Seymour
@seymourgroup · VP Enterprise @ SD Squared · Referenced in “Things I've Worked On
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