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Phil Freo
@philfreo · Leading Product/Engineering @
We built out of our own sales needs, as a new type of CRM that focuses on salesperson efficiency and eliminates manually data entry through automatic calls and e-mail tracking. I'm the product lead and would love to answer any questions or hear feedback.
Danny Halarewich
@halarewich · Founder & CEO, LemonStand
We just started using for our inside sales efforts, and so far it's terrific! The filtering, email sync and built-in VOIP calling is awesome. Their support is really great as well. Definitely recommend checking them out!
Gabriel Puliatti
@gpuliatti · Founder, Emptor
It took us about six months to decide on a CRM, and couldn't find one we could agree on– until we found We discovered it, tested it right away and everyone knew it was a great option. Thanks to a very smartly timed tweet by @philfreo: We're a fully distributed company, our sales team is spread across 5 or 6 tim… See more
Nick Persico
@nickpersico · Head of Growth at
I've been using since the beginning, and it's one of the biggest reasons why I've had success in sales. They've done a great job introducing new features and support, and were a big help as we scaled our sales team at my previous company. I highly recommend for anyone doing inside sales that involves a lot of calling. It will change your li… See more