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Phil FreoMakerHiring@philfreo · Leading Product/Engineering @
We built out of our own sales needs, as a new type of CRM that focuses on salesperson efficiency and eliminates manually data entry through automatic calls and e-mail tracking. I'm the product lead and would love to answer any questions or hear feedback.
Alexander Kehaya@afkehaya · Entrepreneur /
@philfreo How do you differentiate your product from some of the 3rd party apps that work with Salesforce?
Phil FreoMakerHiring@philfreo · Leading Product/Engineering @
@afkehaya works out of the box tracking your calls and emails. With lots of work if you're eventually able to do something similar in Salesforce, your sales reps still have to live in Salesforce which is designed more as a database and tool for sales managers than it is as software designed to help salespeople do their jobs. We've had some serious Salesforce customers switch and share their stories at
Alexander Kehaya@afkehaya · Entrepreneur /
@philfreo Great answer. I just checkout the demo and it looks amazing. I have a ton of sales experience and can see how could be a great tool. I'll share it with a couple of startups I'm working with. Thanks!
Kamlesh Yadav@kamleshyadav · Zepo
@philfreo Curious to know what the Black Friday Deal, Can't locate.
Danny Halarewich@halarewich · Founder & CEO, LemonStand
We just started using for our inside sales efforts, and so far it's terrific! The filtering, email sync and built-in VOIP calling is awesome. Their support is really great as well. Definitely recommend checking them out!
Gabriel Puliatti@gpuliatti · Founder, Emptor
It took us about six months to decide on a CRM, and couldn't find one we could agree on– until we found We discovered it, tested it right away and everyone knew it was a great option. Thanks to a very smartly timed tweet by @philfreo: We're a fully distributed company, our sales team is spread across 5 or 6 timezones, so it can be hard to coordinate and follow some threads. and their email integration solved that problem for us– overall their interface is pretty good too, I'd certainly like to use more of it. Two thumbs up from a sales team which tripled in size this year and grows every month. :)
Nick PersicoMakerHiring@nickpersico · Head of Growth at
Update: I now work at I've been using since the beginning, and it's one of the biggest reasons why I've had success in sales. They've done a great job introducing new features and support, and were a big help as we scaled our sales team at my previous company. I highly recommend for anyone doing inside sales that involves a lot of calling. It will change your life.