Clone Zone

Clone and edit websites. Troll your friends.

Clone Zone is the easiest way to grab your friends' attention by creating your own version of a favorite website. You can clone a web page, edit it and share it online. You can change the content - replace pictures, add text and make it as you wish to see how others will react.

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I made a headline ahead of April Fools, you can read the full press release here:
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@nivo0o0 "This clone had to be taken down due to a Cease and Desist order :("
Sometimes I think I'm ready to be an adult. And then magical things like this happen and I end up giggling like a 10-year-old. Thank you, Salva, for taking the time to make this. I appreciate it, my co-workers do not.
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It's really fun and easy to use it. Really fun if you like messing around the web. The ppl behind it made this April fool joke cloning Techcruch and posting that they closed a $1.8m seed round lead by Andreessen Horowitz. LOL! :: How We Faked a Startup, a Website Cloning Tool and the Problem of Personalised 'Fact' :: But what i am thinking behind the fun part of this service is that you can use it to do instant design fixes on your own websites, then screen share it with your team and save lot of effort and time. So in my case i will use it for small edits like replace text and images. This could be a very helpfull and easy to use prototyping or revision tool! But for the fun part is a really great tool to use. Just use your imagination ;-)
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Hey everyone, the creator of Clone Zone here, let me know if you have any questions! :)
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@team_slava What was your inspiration to create Clone Zone?
@team_slava What would be CloneZone's traffic stats of April fools day? :)
@philipsajeesh lots of emails from people asking to remove a clone they made cause it went viral and now they are scared, lolz
@rohan_barman the fact that our facebook / twitter feeds are so full of garbage and people don't even read the articles anymore, only headlines, also early net artists like Eva and Franco Mattes and Yes Men that worked on similar projects
@rrhoover I bet you'll get decent open rates on the PH email today 😂