Cloak 3.0

A VPN for iOS. Browse safely on public WiFi.

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I consider Cloak something that is easy enough for my mother to use, but that delivers substantial security value. I use it on my laptop and phone. For the phone specifically - there are few protections against attacks on wifi, e.g. sniffing, monitoring, or DNS poisoning, so I consider Cloak essential. Having it disable on trusted networks makes it much better than most other VPNs on the market.
@philipithomas Thanks Philip -- this is really nice to hear!
@philipithomas, @dangerdave needs to put that quote on the Cloak website. :)
@philipithomas I've started the trial. How does it work? I'm at an Air Bnb and the host has wifi with no password. I've only been asked if I trust this network but what's to stop someone connecting to the router and getting my information? I'm new to this vpn stuff.
Nice update to Cloak for iOS 9. It's also available for the Mac. More details in their blog post.
@rrhoover Wow. this is great UI work and a fantastic app. The best part is the multiple device feature.
@sethlouey Thanks, all! @robinsonetc is one of my co-founders and the prime mover behind Cloak's design. All glory goes to him; all yuck goes to me. :-)
I use this each time I travel or work on public wifi. love it. What's new @dangerdave ?
@mscccc Cloak 3 for iOS 9 is the (iOS) VPN app we've always wanted to build but couldn't before. The objective with version 3 was to remove everything that annoyed us (and our customers) about the previous version, particularly the "sync settings" behavior.
@dangerdave that was always a bit annoying. Love it! ๐Ÿ˜
@mscccc I had other shorter words than "annoying" to describe it. :-)
any plan for android app?
@himenjil Nothing to announce but we certainly haven't forgotten about Android. (Or Windows. :-)
@menjvillalobos It's been a while but -- big news -- we're actively working on native apps for both Android *and* Windows. Cheers!
@menjxo One last update -- the first public beta of Cloak for Android is now available! Feel free to grab it here and definitely do let us know how it works for you. Cheers.
they could probably do also ad blocking. do you know what is their model? is this some type of onavo like?
@ourielohayon Ad blocking is certainly something we keep our eyes on. We knew that iOS 9 was going to shake things up here so we've been taking a wait-and-see approach. It feels like a different product entirely, so we may just settle for recommending one to our users. We're in the "bootstrapped profitable and proud" category, so our model is to build good tools that people find useful.
@dangerdave i don t think you should recommend a 3rd party. you should build yours
@ourielohayon It does feel like a natural fit.
@dangerdave specially with peace being out now
@ourielohayon Yeah, bananas about Peace. One of the things we struggled with was whether it would be ethical to _charge_ for an ad blocker, particularly on a recurring basis. My feeling is probably not; we'd probably make it available whether or not you had a paid account.