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#2 Product of the DayMay 12, 2019
ClearStatus is a free professional status page system. Setup in 5mn with a few clicks. Run for free with Netlify on your domain with SSL (or your preferred hosting). Twitter integration, Disqus commenting, scheduled maintenance, multilingual, multiple users.
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There are so any site status tools out there. What inspired you to create this, @weeblrpress?
@rrhoover Just fulfilling our own requirements :)
@rrhoover Sorry for the short reply before, I have a bit more time now. So the way we look at this is that a status page is a communication tool. It allows a single communication channel to be kept when everything else is down. Now that's what's all status page system do and here's how ClearStatus tries to achieve that: What it does: - smaller organizations will likely suffer from downtime more often than large ones and those down-times are usually not under their control (typically hosting company failure). Communication tools is needed but Pro status pages pricing is just non-sensical - hosting yourself with Open source software is a nice alternative but you have to take care of it, do maintenance, updates, etc And that website can also easily have downtime itself. - Using static sites as ClearStatus does allows to use Netlify (or Zeit or...) which have high-availability, worldwide-cdn, very fast and are free of charge. Ideal for smaller business - although large ones can benefit from that as well, right? - using under the hood tools like Hugo and git allow one-click install and deploy. Literally anyone deploy ClearStatus to Netlify in a few minutes and add/edit issues without having to fiddle with anything - this setup allows custom domains, SSL, unlimited status pages and multiple users - as a communication tool, it must allow communication, both ways. Which is why each event has its own page and URL and you can enable Disqus **commenting** on events. This creates a 2-ways communication channel with your users in a single location that you control. No more dozens of Twitter threads scattered around. Note you can still communicate using Twitter (use a Twitter collection!!) and those tweets will be embedded in the ClearStatus page for that event. See: - Content is stored (transparently) in a git repository: you own it, you can move it to another host if you like at any point. You can also customize the software, the layout, the features, etc - ClearStatus is "evergreen", it updates itself each time you rebuild the status page and you do not need to worry about maintenance or updates. What it does not want to do: - no planned integration performance (speed) indicator: no value for typical app/site users - no planned integration of monitoring systems or such: if your app/site is down people already know that. YOU must post something, useful information about the failure/resolution or else it's not a status page really So here it is, the longer version of "Just fulfilling our own requirements" ;) Cheers
Thanks @weeblrpress . Looks very cool! I use Hugo and am a big fan of static sites so I was already planning to spend some time working on something like this later in the year after my own upcoming launch - I've already set up the basics for my own monitoring and have various other (static) locations on which I can post bad status news but I love the idea of this so much I'll try to make time to set it up before my launch. Can't promise when I'll get to it but will let you know how I get on.
@luckyrat Hi Chris. Maybe you want to have a look a the setup video here
. The default setup is to deploy to Netlify which is done in one-click and let your status page lives on an infrastructure that's: reliable, highly-available, backed by a world-wide CDN, without any maintenance on your side and free. That's literrally only 5mns ;)
Great job!!πŸ˜€ Are the domains free or paid?
@ayush_chandra The software is free and open source. You can set it up to run on free hosting such as Netlify with one click (or host elsewhere as you see fit) They'll provide you with a sub domain of You can then change that to use a domain you own. Netlify will also provide an ssl certificate for their subdomain or your domain.
We just added Groups for systems: if you have many systems to report about, group them and they'll be listed under a collapsible Group header!
This looks awesome. Can you please share your own or any other live status page created using this tool?
@niteshmanav They are mentioned in the documentation. We use ClearStatus for and