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We've been finding this API useful internally across admin dashboards etc, and we're super excited to be opening it up to the world. πŸŽ‰ Having access to company logos through a simple API (literally just an image tag) has so many use-cases - from CRMs to job boards to pretty much any SAAS company's signup flow. We're hoping that this API will become the Gravatar of company logos. Let us know if you've any suggestions on how to improve the API.
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This could be very useful if we want to display company logos on product or team/company pages programatically. Nice work, @maccaw, @apv87, and @oniworks.
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This is amazing. ✌ I'm sure it's on @maccaw et al.'s radar, but I wish there was a way to crowdsource image selections β€” a public interface for voting on logos Clearbit's robot found, possibly feeding back to the robot to improve its logo selection in the future. Many of the logos selected for iconic companies aren't great, e.g. https://logo.clearbit.com/disney..., https://logo.clearbit.com/apple.com, https://logo.clearbit.com/google..., https://logo.clearbit.com/hp.com
I'd also love to see support for a few standard aspect ratios, possibly landscape and square to start off with.
Oh and here's Product Hunt's logo! https://logo.clearbit.com/produc...
This is shocking simple and surprisingly useful. Nicely done, Clearbit folks!