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ClassicPress is a hard fork of WordPress 4.9.8 without Gutenberg. Our goal is to focus on providing a content management system that ticks all the boxes for business users, including plugin and them developers.

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Hey, Scott! ๐Ÿ‘‹ May I ask what would you like to accomplish with this fork? Also, how is the fork different from the plugin? The plugin's approach seems to be less destructive to the community, as everyone would still benefit from WordPress, but would just use the classic editor. Wouldn't it be smarter to use your knowledge and expertise to contribute to Gutenberg project and make it as good as it can be? Thank you for the answers.
@kriskornlab installing a plugin to fix the core doesn't seem right to me
@kriskornlab That's a great question. My simplest answer is that the Classic Editor plugin will only work for the short term. It has been stated numerous times that this plugin is for transition and late adopters who aren't yet ready to switch to Gutenberg. My other big concern is that this is just the first major change in a long line of future updates. As quoted from the Gutenberg plugin page "Gutenberg is more than an editor. While the editor is the focus right now, the project will ultimately impact the entire publishing experience including customization (the next focus area)."
@wilcoverhaar I think people have here different opinions about this. I would say that core is not broken but goes into a different direction. If we say it is broken, then we could make a fork out of each release and say it is broken. It is evolving and change is something that humans usually do not like. However, if you already know that things are going a certain way, then I think it is smarter to see how you can adapt to the change and try to make it wonderful for yourself.
@kriskornlab I typically agree with your line of thinking. Change is good, and change is hard, but it needs to take place. However, Gutenberg is such a compromise. It's frustrating because it doesn't solve any problems just introduces new ones. The visual editing is nice but it doesn't dictate what the front-end looks like, as it would on other platforms. It's not a website building tool like Squarespace and it can't be Medium because it's a CMS and not just a blogging platform. And technically speaking it breaks metaboxes, which has become the foundation of WP customization. It's fine if you have a WP website on your own, upgrading is not so hard. But when you manage hundreds of sites which make full use of metaboxes, this becomes a much bigger issue. Not only a time issue, but a money issue. What's worse is the way they are approaching the upgrade by enabling it by default. That's insane!
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A dedicated plugin directory is still needed and sounds like it is on the way.