Software for your tutoring business

Clark is software for your tutoring business. Put the power of a tutoring center in the palm of your hand.

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I'm excited to share with all of you on Product Hunt that Clark — a virtual assistant for tutors — is now live! Clark is the newest company to come out of Human Ventures and I've had the honor of watching this incredible team build a product that is adding tremendous value to the independent education community. The average tutor spends about 20% of their time working unpaid administrative hours. The goal of Clark? Eliminate that time, allowing educators to work more billable hours and thus, make more money. Your tutoring business more efficiently with the Clark mobile app. The always-on virtual assistant will eliminate the time you waste on busywork, so that you can focus on tutoring and earn up to 25% more.
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@heather_hartnett Thanks Heather! Sam here, Head of Product & Co-Founder at Clark. We're thrilled to be launching today, and I'm happy to answer any questions you have, so bring 'em on!
@heather_hartnett got an android version?
Interesting model, focused on helping tutors be more productive/effective. Is the plan to eventually build an app for students to find and communicate with tutor(s)?
@rrhoover Great questions! We are targeted for tutors who work with students of all ages, but about 70% of tutoring takes place with high school aged students. And your riff is totally correct! Many of our tutors work with adults and tutor on a lot more than just algebra!
Way to go!!!!
Congrats Megan & team!! Looks incredible.
I love the story feature that shows how you (as a tutor) have made an impact and what your students have learned. What was the inspiration to build Clark? Also, what surprised you the most from tutors who tried out Clark?
@kunalslab thanks so much! I wrote a blog post here about the inspiration of Clark: Also, what has surprised me most about Clark? Just how dedicated tutors are to student progress!