Clap To Find My Phone

Clap your hands and find your lost phone

The app allows your phone to detect the sound of clapping and run a loud alarm so you can easily find it.

Clap your hands and always find your lost device!

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7 Reviews5.0/5
I didn’t realize this was possible. Does this mean the app is listening to my every word in the background? 😱
@rrhoover yes. I will listening for claps after you active the app. It's so cool. It also offer a way to make a schedule to auto start or stop the claps detection. 😗
@rrhoover @kien_vi_thanh Listening to my every word is outside of my definition of cool...
@rrhoover @kien_vi_thanh I believe the concern is not with if the app can hear claps outside of when the app is running, but rather more about whether the app gives someone the capability to eavesdrop in exchange for what is essentially (and I'm sorry to say it) a gimmick.
Great job!! Any iOS apps in pipeline 😊
@ayush_chandra Yes. They are working on it now 😄
Gotta take the phone to some event 😂 Awesome product!
@dinisuru_madawala Nothing bad or unwanted, it'll only clap with the audience 😂!
Thanks for hunting @kien_vi_thanh is this how you find your phone when lost? 😄
@abadesi Yes. It will help you to find your phone in your home/office. Just need couple of claps :D

I wonder how it works being installed on two phones simultaneously. Or on every phone in a big family.


Simple&useful. I wish there were such things for TV remotes and my life would be complete.


None. As long as you don't have the "clap" light house control :D