Citus add-on for Heroku

Worry-free Postgres for SaaS built to scale out.

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Citus effectively solves scaling Postgres for SaaS businesses like ours. Great to see they are focused on working seamlessly with Heroku, also my PaaS of choice.
Why is this better than heroku postgres?
@s_gasser I wouldn't say it's better or worse, each has their purpose. The team that built Citus cloud is the same early engineering team that built Heroku Postgres. The difference with Citus is that data is spread out across multiple instances. Where as Heroku Postgres has a 1 TB limit, Citus has a 1 TB (which is also flexible) limit per node and you could scale to say a hundred nodes giving you 100 TB of storage and actually 10 TB of memory. We find that many people that migrate to Citus start on a single node Postgres instance (like Heroku or RDS) and migrate over as their data grows which could be anywhere from 100 GB to 1 TB.