A water bottle that customizes the flavor of your water

Cirkul is a water bottle that provides custom flavors for your water.

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Hey Everyone, I'm Garrett Waggoner, one of the founders here at Cirkul. Cirkul actually came to be from an accident I had while trying to pour powdered Gatorade into a narrow-mouthed water bottle. I spilled about half of the scooper on the floor and turned and said to my co-founder Andy, "there's gotta be a better way." From there we worked on developing our ideal hydration system which you see here. We wanted to create something custom, clean, and convenient. Thanks a ton to Rui for posting about Cirkul on here, looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks!
@garrett_waggoner This product is crap and the company is extremely unprofessional. Buyer beware. This product is all weird chemicals. It gave me horrible headaches! I’m sticking to Crystal Light. This product is just more unecessary land fill. It’s also very expensive! And they will not issue any refunds under any circumstances.
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Don’t order the trial kit. They will automatically start sending you this expensive water if you want it or not. It’s very expensive too. About $1.00 a glass for crappy, toxic water. And whatever you do, don’t ask for your money back, they won’t issue refunds under any circumstances.


No pros whatsoever. The company is awful. T


The water tastes terrible. Filled with chemicals and artificial sweetener. It gave me terrible headaches.

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I ordered a trial bottle, mentioned it to my son and he knew exactly what it was due to a student having one in his class. I ordered another bottle before my trial arrived, I knew that he would take mine. We both enjoy our Cirkul!

I'm saving money because I bring my bottle to restaurants when I go out to eat, I opt for flavored water rather than a soda. I haven't opened a Coke in the pantry since receiving the bottle.

I have a hard time with plain water, i'll add lemon or other flavorings to it, but this a great because I just fill and sip...and it tastes delicious! Awesomeness!


I'm drinking water, saving money, the flavors are nice, I can adjust sweetness


It leaks a few drops of water, but usually only when I leave water in the chamber. It's just water, no biggie.

The little leak/drips can be fixed by lining up the groves on the inside of the bottle then pushing down to click in place. Then tighten by screwing it in,. Only remove the cartridge to add water, not the entire top.
If you suck the rest of the water out as you tip the bottle back down once you take a sip it will prevent the leaking. Water gets trapped in the cartridge which is why it leaks.
I am a huge fan of flavored water, so I love this product already.
Smart move with the flavor cartridges. Rich for brand partnerships - like a portable, healthier SodaStream! 💰💡🚀
@worldli thanks Nick! You're exactly right, we see Cirkul as a delivery system, hopefully we can work with some great partners to deliver their blends in a custom and convenient way!