A water bottle that customizes the flavor of your water

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  • Tamara KassonDispatcher

    Appears to be a great product but..


    Leaks, spews water from spigot, doesn't filter h20, health concerns

    The product proved to be faulty and questionable in terms of quality and caused nausea. I would have ceased use and cancelled but cirkuls customer service made that quite difficult. Their website happened to not process attempted cancellations until it was too late. The bottle without the flavorings is useless as it leaks and spits water in one's face. I tried to connect and resolve the issue but they refused to refund the product I literally cannot consume and sent it anyways. I advise caution in trying their product and wish anyone luck who has the misfortune of dealing with their customer service. The whole ordeal was disappointing as the product seemed really great but fell short to say the least. Worst company, 2018.

    Tamara Kasson has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Great water bottle. Excellent idea! I love the flavor choices and that I can choose the flavor intensity.


    Some cartridges the mouth piece leaks. Out of the 4 I have opened so far 2 leak.

    I love it so far. I do think the scale of flavor is not very good though. 1 tastes no different than water. and 10 is like straight up just drink the flavoring why don't you. Also its not clear how long these are supposed to last? I mean clearly less flavor last longer and more flavor will be less.

    Mandolin Gags has used this product for one week.


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Garrett WaggonerMaker@garrett_waggoner · Founder, Cirkul
Hey Everyone, I'm Garrett Waggoner, one of the founders here at Cirkul. Cirkul actually came to be from an accident I had while trying to pour powdered Gatorade into a narrow-mouthed water bottle. I spilled about half of the scooper on the floor and turned and said to my co-founder Andy, "there's gotta be a better way." From there we worked on developing our ideal hydration system which you see here. We wanted to create something custom, clean, and convenient. Thanks a ton to Rui for posting about Cirkul on here, looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks!
Michael Stringer@michael_stringer
@garrett_waggoner This product is crap and the company is extremely unprofessional. Buyer beware. This product is all weird chemicals. It gave me horrible headaches! I’m sticking to Crystal Light. This product is just more unecessary land fill. It’s also very expensive! And they will not issue any refunds under any circumstances.
Rui DelgadoHunter@rui · Tech Entrepreneur • Consultant • TV Nerd
I am a huge fan of flavored water, so I love this product already.
Nick Vivion@worldli · Director of Content,
Smart move with the flavor cartridges. Rich for brand partnerships - like a portable, healthier SodaStream! 💰💡🚀
Garrett WaggonerMaker@garrett_waggoner · Founder, Cirkul
@worldli thanks Nick! You're exactly right, we see Cirkul as a delivery system, hopefully we can work with some great partners to deliver their blends in a custom and convenient way!
Phil McKeating@pmckeats · Co-founder @
This is sweet! What flavors are available?
Andy GayMaker@andygay · Founder at Cirkul
Great question! We will offer 8 flavors in 3 different categories. You can choose between LifeSip (flavors enriched with essential B-vitamins), FitSip (flavors containing electrolytes), and GoSip (caffeinated flavors). Flavors in each category are: - LifeSip: Fruit Punch, Coconut Pineapple, Sweet Tea & Lemon, Raspberry Lemonade. - FitSip: Mixed Berry, Orange Tangerine. - GoSip: Black Cherry, Strawberry Watermelon.
Mahbod Moghadam@mahbod_moghadam
does this have sugar?
Garrett WaggonerMaker@garrett_waggoner · Founder, Cirkul
@mahbod_moghadam Hey Mahbod, great question. We have no sugar in our blends. Currently we're going to be offering sucralose and stevia options at launch. We plan to expand our lines to unsweetened options at well as soon as possible. Really the way we look at Cirkul is as a delivery system, we look forward to getting to collaborate with others and utilize our technology as a platform for people to be able to hydrate and deliver nutrients/flavors/vitamins in a manner that's completely controlled from their perspective.