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Circle lets you send & receive messages from people near you.

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A true definition of a beautiful MVP, congrats! The design is πŸ’… I see great use cases: Conferences, concerts, camping site, etc. Places where you go once and you leave hours/day after. The difference with others (many!) who've tried to do the same: Your onboarding is super quick and easy. @gregisenberg you should have a look on this one 🧐
Love the simplicity. Curious what use cases/surprises you've seen so far, @vsnthv? I'm online right now, hanging around SOMA in SF.
@rrhoover The idea triggered when I was in Box Dev 2015 and there is no way connect with the attendees as Twitter is noisy. Other use cases as I said in previous comment Movie theatres, malls, sports event etc.
@rrhoover There was an app like this around 2012 called Circle as well. Pity it it's a thing of the past now. I am excited that someone is trying to take on this idea again. Might be a good source of product inspiration @vsnthv
Hi Producthunters, I am Vasanth the maker of this app. Circle lets you send & receive messages from people within 1Kilometer (0.6 radius). You could use this to connect with people in the same mall or movie or sport/tech event as you.
@vsnthv what's the trigger to get people to use this in the situations you described?
@vsnthv What specific problem are you addressing?
Judging by the product name I'm guessing you didn't see the movie? ;-)