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Patrick Coombe
@patrickcoombe · CEO, Elite Strategies Llc
churn down for what!?
Nathaniel Blackburn
@itsnblackburn · UI Engineer
A very well executed and well thought out product, not to mention helpful.
Nicolas Deverge
@ndeverge · Founder of teammood.com and upvoted.io
Seems really well executed. I really like the Stripe's integration. What's the difference with promoter.io or delighted.com? And what will be the pricing model (per usage, monthly subscription ..?)
Zach Herbert
@zachherbert · Sia VP of Ops
Really cool! Seems so easy. I'm guessing it is set up to only survey a customer after a transaction is completed?
Sam Houston
@samhouston · Senior Community Manager, Bugcrowd
Congrats on the launch!