Gather actionable feedback in one click

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churn down for what!?
A very well executed and well thought out product, not to mention helpful.
@itsnblackburn Thanks Nathaniel!
Seems really well executed. I really like the Stripe's integration. What's the difference with or And what will be the pricing model (per usage, monthly subscription ..?)
@ndeverge Hey Nicolas, thanks for comment! Our focus is on automation and removing most of the friction that comes with gathering feedback. Initially we do that via the Stripe integration, but in future we will support other platforms (e.g. Shopify to get feedback after a purchase). We also plan on exploring other feedback methods outside of NPS scores. (e.g. When someone cancels ask them why).
@saxonfletcher What about the price?
@mikkel_ulstrup No pricing strategy at this stage. We just want to focus on building a product that people find valuable. It will remain free until we talk to more customers and can come up with a model that people are happy with :)
@saxonfletcher nice way to do it! Well! It looks amazing ๐Ÿ˜„ I'm going to try it latter!
Really cool! Seems so easy. I'm guessing it is set up to only survey a customer after a transaction is completed?
@zachherbert yup, once on-boarding is complete it will schedule the emails.
@barnettlklane Thanks I will check it out! Just starting to get customers on Stripe :)
Congrats on the launch!
Thanks @samhouston! Feels good to finally launch it.