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Looks like a great update — so much awesome competition to control the TV as the biggest/most central/non-personal screen in the house. Epic.
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@chrismessina Doesn't seem like 2 is available in the Chrome store yet, but I agree. I was just looking around a couple days ago to see if there had been any upgrades to Chromecast. Excited to get my hands on this!
Chromecast > Apple TV in my opinion.
Trying to get confirmation that new features won't be rolled out to v1? $35 is worthwhile upgrade price, but wanted to check.
@ggnall I'm curious about this too
@alancassinelli @ggnall Got the updated app today and now have the new UX (with your apps, youtube, netflix, etc). Not sure what else is added in the new hardware other than upgraded wifi specs.
@ggnall 5GHz WiFi support alone is worth the upgrade.
Perfect timing since I can't find my original Chromecast.
So now instead of being able to plug the other end into a USB port on the TV, you're forced to use a wall power outlet?