World's first smart cutting board with 10 features

ChopBox is the world's first smart cutting board that replaces 5 kitchen gadgets. It kills germs, weighs your food, acts as a timer, sharpens knives, serves as a presentation platter, and more. It is also waterproof and incredibly strong.
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sry I just need to charge my cutting board
Well designed, but I'd like to see how it functions long-term. Primarily concerned with warping as most owners won't follow best practices with cleaning. Not surprised it's seeing such success on Kickstarter. Part of me can't shake the fact that you can spend less for a higher quality end grain cutting board, quality chef's knife, and enough pure white vinegar to sanitize for the lifetime of both.
@chris_germano The "kill germs" functionality is a solution in search of a problem. Any natural wood board will have the ability to fend off germs, and a regular clean with vinegar will solve any remaining issues. It's an expensive toy that doesn't add any real value. As you say, for the same money you can buy a decent board and a more than decent knife.
Now if only it had a pop up screen to display and save my favorite recipes ...
@rmagrino maybe they'd like to collab with CookUp 🤔for that
How does it kill germs?
this is awesome. save the skepticism for somewhere not in my kitchen. best of luck guys.