Tell your friends where you are with a tap (and emojis)

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Super cool!
Hey hunters, Chill is a contextual communication app for wearable devices that solves the pain of dialling and reading textual information from the tiny screens of wearables. I had a Pebble myself and the communication experience there sucked a lot. Not much changed with introduction of Watch. Chill brings a textless and voiceless communication experience to wearables. Instead of writing: “Waiting at Starbucks” - send a “coffee mug” icon “Running late” - send a “rocket” icon. Context makes the “pings” you make powerful. The icon of a “rocket” in a context of you sitting in a plane might mean “Taking off. Will hit you up as soon as landed.”
Nice product! The YOsucks page is extremely effective BTW. Best of luck.
@lindzora haha, thanks! Also love the yosucks stuff)
I'm excited about the concept of Chill. One interesting use case which probably shouldn't be promoted for legal issues is the idea of making texting and driving safer. Ideally we don't want people to text and drive at all but if you can do a 2-click interaction and add a clock instead of typing out a message saying "Hey, I'm running a bit late!" then you're far less likely to get into an accident.
@duilen yeah, exactly! This is what really makes me excited about Chill's future. We can literally save people's lives!
Feature request: In addition to selecting an icon, you should be able to select the color of the icon form maybe 6-8 options. A red clock could mean something very different from a green clock.
@duilen great idea! We're on it)