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Hey, @kwdinc, thanks for hunting us! Chatra is a lighter, focused and freemium alternative to intercom acquire (that you see in the bottom right corner on Product Hunt :—)). Intercom is a great tool, but we have different focus. Intercom is a complex, all-in-one solution that includes help desk, visitor segmentation, triggered emails, in-app and website messaging. We focus only on the messaging part. Intercom pricing starts at 49$ per month and can reach hundreds of dollars (going up with volume of visitors chatting with you), while Chatra costs 14$ per agent per month on a paid plan. So if you only need a few agents chatting at the same time you can save a significant amount of money. Besides, we have a functional free plan for small companies and startups. Let me know what you folks think!
We've switched from Intercom's Acquire to Chatra for a few weeks ago. First, it's like 10 times cheaper (Acquire would cost $250 for us, and would double the amount in a few months). It was pretty easy to integrate into our workflow: — Slack notifications are nice. You don't actually have to keep Chatra tab open at all times. — Chatra's slack-esque UI is easy for the whole team to use. — If we miss a chat, it goes straight to our Intercom chat's list via email. (Since we still use Intercom for in-app messaging, support, triggered messages, etc, and we love it). So if you want to try it but afraid of using too many chat services, it's not that complicated. A few minutes and you're up and running. HMU if you need help /w Chatra + Intercom config. Great job, @yakovkarda, and thank you!
@xnutsive Wow, so sweet, Nate, thank you!
Chatra is really nice! We've recently started using this on our main consumer website. I think that the biggest thing we're looking for would be to manage teams, so we could prioritise which agent would be included in targeted chats. This would allow us to better decide which agents are "first port of call" in different parts of the site; e.g Sales agents for product pages, Customer Service agents on contact, post-purchase account pages. Aside from that, being able to look up a chat transcript via an ID or details stored would be useful too. This would allow us to integrate into our CRM. Following on from that, searching within the app would be good. Essentially a really strong API for finding chat ids, filtering by agent, listing existing chats by status etc. Finally, being able to see a list of users on the website and initiate a conversation from within the app would be really powerful. This is something that does really well.
@jbrooksuk Thanks, James! We are going to build that soon enough. We'll keep you updated :—)
I just included it in a Project i am building right now. It was simple and has the right amount of customization in my opinion. I love that it integrates Slack as well, i would not be Interested without Slack integration, but this way it integrates perfectly in our Stack.
Finally a great messenger which offers main functionality for free! Intercom is quite an overkill for my Shopify page, while Chatra offers everything I need and more. Great UI, easy integration... there is no way you won't love it :)