The ChatBot & LiveChat integration lets you easily design, build and add conversational bots to LiveChat. It helps to automate repetitive tasks and speed up your support services.
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Hi guys, This is Aga from LiveChat. I want to introduce to you our integration with ChatBot. It allowed us to automate repetitive tasks and made our support work much easier. Let us know what you think about it!
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Hi Hunters, I’m happy to share with you our ChatBot & LiveChat integration. As mentioned in the description, ChatBot enables you to effortlessly add AI bots to LiveChat, meaning you can combine both AI scalability and human approach into customer service. We developed ChatBot to be an intuitive, yet robust platform, enabling non-technical users to create customer service bots with ease. We aimed to help online businesses automate repetitive tasks and deliver high-quality business round the clock. ChatBot offers a set of LiveChat specific features that help to deliver better chatbot experience and organize your customer communication: Rich messages - your chatbot can send cards, product carousels, buttons, and quick replies to engage users. Transfer — you can redirect ongoing chats to human agents whenever human expertise is needed. Create a ticket — you can allow customers to create tickets right in the chat widget. Close chat — the chatbot closes the conversation when its final goal is reached. Transcript — the bot can send the chat transcript to the defined email address. Tags — the bot tags ongoing chats (sales, customer support) to help you find them in the archives. Gols — you can track successful purchases, satisfying help, and visited websites. Test the integration and give us your feedback. Happy to answer your questions!
Working like a charm!
Highly recommended for the best customer service!
Really nice integration :)