Build your chatbot without coding

ChatBot is a simple platform that allows for building bots without coding. It lets you create bots that can answer customer questions, automate lead generation, gather feedback or streamline the buying process.

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Hi Hunters, I’m pleased to announce ChatBot, our platform that allows building intelligent bots for any business. ChatBot has gone a long way to become a comprehensive and powerful tool for automating customer service. When we started working on the product, almost two years ago, our primary goal was to solve the problem of the burden of repetitive inquiries that every customer service team has to handle every day. We called the platform BotEngine and focused on building software that every team manager or agent could configure. Since then, we've changed our name to ChatBot and added plenty of great features that can help you creating, mastering and improving chatbots such as powered by machine learning training, the academy that teaches how to build amazing bots in practice, two matching systems that can guarantee smooth and amiable fluency of the chats and much more. Most importantly, we haven’t forgotten to keep ChatBot user-friendly and straightforward. I’m very excited to hear about your experience with ChatBot!
@luizajurczyk you should add it to BotList
@luizajurczyk Congrats. Don't forget to add on Bot Stash
@luizajurczyk Slick product + epic domain name!
Hi guys, ChatBot is a robust framework that allows you to build different bots with ease. They can help you out with handling daily tasks in your customer service department. Using ChatBot you can build different kinds of bots, including: - An FAQ bot to outsource answering frequently asked questions. - An appointment bot to streamline your booking system. - A lead generation bot to collect your customer's contact info. - A survey bot that can gather feedback from your customers. - After hours bot that can give a new lease of life to your out-of-office form. - Sales bot that will help to boost sales and improve the purchasing process for your customers. With this solution, you will get more time to focus on difficult tasks, have a chance to improve customer satisfaction and increase your sales. I hope you will like the product. Waiting for your opinion!
Looks interesting and easy to set up. Congrats!
The integration with Messenger looks good, I will give it a try!