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Ryan Angilly
@angilly · Founder, Ramen
Hey all, makers are still here hanging out in the comments. Feel free to ask us any questions about ChartURL!


Hiten Shah
@hnshah · Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & Quick Sprout
I've always loved the idea of email-first startups as Ryan Hoover described them, http://ryanhoover.me/post/439868.... I love that ChartURL makes it easier to add fancy graphs and charts to your emails! As a product person, imagine the use cases from early prototyping to email improvments that you can make by just embeding graphs and charts as images right i… See more
Ryan Angilly
@angilly · Founder, Ramen
Hey Product Hunt folks, maker here. We built ChartURL internally at Ramen (https://ramen.is) as part of a project to create a better weekly email for our customers. We soon realized there was no good solution for getting charts into emails, and figured that since we already built this internal web service, there was no reason not to slap a landing page on i… See more
Tom Söderlund
@tomsoderlund · Founder, Weld (www.weld.io)
This is awesome! Was just looking for something like this. Are you planning to add (world) map charts?
Greg Meyer
@grmeyer · Product Marketing at @Kustomer
Hi @angilly - neat stuff. What rendering engine did you use for this or did you build your own?
Niel Robertson
@nielr1 · CSO
I get daily stats emails from every business i am involved with and the CEOs have all heard me say "Can i please get a trend chart for this." Now i can just point them here. Standard issue startup toolkit from now on.