The most comprehensive collection of charts for Sketch

The most comprehensive collection of charts, graphs and diagrams for Sketch
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πŸ™ŒHey guys, we've just created a huge collection of charts, graphs, and diagrams for latest Sketch version. - Symbols and overrides - Text styles - Layer styles - Resizing Constraints - Organized elements - For web and mobile And as usual use coupon code for disco... Oh. Nope, forget about this, that's 100% free πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ
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Oh man!, you won't believe I was just working on charts for one of our product and was thinking to build some automated symbol and then you launched this here! It looks amazing and well structured, great job!
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Wow. This is legit. Thank you for putting this together!!
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@ridderingand_ Thanks for kind words!
My god. How is this... free? This deserves more upvotes!
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@williamhutech ahah, yep its free, could't believe ma self either! ))
Super useful. Thanks!
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