Charged: 016 - Leaving Twitter is for the best

A chat about why Twitter might be bad for your health

@ow whats the key takeaways from this? I love Twitter and no chance I'll be leaving anytime soon
@bentossell @ow Just that I left twitter and my life is notably better.
@jedgar @bentossell @ow Do you think leaving Facebook would have the same effect?
@hugojmd @bentossell @ow I had FB till I was about 24 and grew it to the then limit of 5,000 friends, it was awful and when I was 25 I deleted the account. Fast forward 5 years: last summer a woman I was on a date with told me she thought it was odd I didn't have FB. That spurred me to create an account that I keep to very very close friends (about 60 people only) and it's much more manageable.
@bentossell a bunch of really great stuff in this week's episode for sure! The biggest talking points are Yahoo's merging into Verizon and what it's really about – metadata. Verizon wants to be the biggest, creepiest ad network in the world... so acquiring Yahoo lets it do exactly that. Oh, and yes, John is leaving Twitter and has some great reasons for it: mostly relating to how succint the service can be, and how it sucks up your life :)