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How does Cerebro compare with Alfred?
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@johncschuster it depends on what you mean. For example, it is £19 cheaper;) And you can run it on Linux and Windows. But it is young product and for now, I can't guarantee such stability and plugins diversity as Alfred has now. I hope in future there will be way more plugins, but even now you can use it for everyday routine. Like I do:)
@alexandr_subbotin @johncschuster can't search file system on Windows. It only pulls up google results and translation. Didn't see a plugin specific to that. Also could be settings from corporate IT blocking but it seems like this functionality is supposed to work for Windows?
Search errything, files, apps, interwebs in one place
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Is it better than spotlight ?
@elie_teyssedou as in the question above about Alfred, it depends. Comparing to Spotlight you can extend it with custom plugins. Out of the box, it has some features, that are not in spotlight, like inline search on maps, google suggestions or translator
Some new open-source, cross-platform launchers recently. http://zazuapp.org is another alternative. But it will take them some time to catch up to Alfred and Launchbar (both are really mature and have a fantastic community & lots of extensions), if they ever.
@tafkaf I'd like a discussion here on the development aspects (sinece Devs ultimately need to choose which plugins they'll write for). First of all, cerebro is an Electron app, which some ppl hate due to high RAM usage.
Quicksilver has done this for years, any advantages here?