CATCHTRIPS is a flight booking platform that allows you to purchase a flight ticket at fraction of the total cost, and pay the remaining balance in installments before departure.

Currently, CATCHTRIPS is available only for a limited number of users.

If you run into any issues using the platform, please send us an email at

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Is this targeted at the under-credited, and if so, are you servicing this segment with higher interest rates than credit cards, given the risk profile that prohibits them from having credit cards in the first place? Or is the target market people who could have credit cards but choose not to? I’m just wrapping my head around where the market gap and profit margin is.
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@bryonshannon Thanks for the inquiry. The service is for users who don't want to or can't afford to make an entire payment at once. It gives them the option to reserve at a fraction of the total cost, and make installment payments -- which should be completed before their departure date. The service fee is comparable to fair market rates, and should be lower in many situations.
I've wanted this product for a lonnnnnnng time, is it US only?
@jacarandachick Thank you for the comment! It is primarily US-based; however, it allows some international travel.
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@jacarandachick @alexanderokoli that's amazing, would love if you cover India soon.
What makes you different from Airfordable?
@kreevers Thanks for the inquiry. The pricing may vary between both platforms.
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Wow!!! Im excited and definitely will be using it. (already am)
@viktoriya_nikulina How has your experience been? I am not feeling like getting scammed.
@phillipprado Well, it was super easy and I cant say for future but the price is reasonable and if I paid in full immediately I would pay the same amount. But Im not sure how it works if I spot making payments, to be honest
this will be helpful for customers like me haha...