We let content creators know what subscribers want

Castwatch makes it easy for youtube channels to send direct messages, newsletters and surveys to find out what subscribers want.

What do you think is one of the most important things to do to keep an audience engaged? @josemontiel
Hello @abadesi, First of all, thank you for checking out Castwatch. For content creators it is important to form online communities and not just a number of individual subscribers, but just like in society, we all want to be part of active change and improvement, it is just deeply exciting to see your opinion heard and taken into account for something you love, and that's what Castwatch seeks to provide, tools for creators to integrate their fans into the process of building a channel and its content. Best, José
Pros Easy to use Cons Lack of Customisations Expensive for Beginners
Hello @tushar_tyagi, thank you for checking Castwatch out. There are many more features coming including customization options and looking forward to sharing what we got prepared in the near future. Best, José