Cash Money by Felt

Send cash money in a holiday card, just like Grandma used to

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Cash: the best gift 💰
Beth Ziesenis
Beth Ziesenis@nerdybff
I just sent my assistant a hundred bucks with this. Worked great!
Tomer Alpert
Tomer AlpertMaker@tomerlikehomer · Co-Founder and CEO, Felt
You can now use Felt to send a personal, handwritten card and add a $2, $20, $50 or even $100 bill. We'll slip your money into the envelope and mail it with your card. It's fun and simple, and who doesn't love receiving cold hard cash. The strategy behind building Cash Money // Brand Love. We grew our user base by over 2000% this year so a) we wanted to do something really fun, that everyone would love. PR Hits. We wanted to build something new and unique, and for our knowledge no one has ever done this. wrote about Cash Money, and Apple featured Felt as the #1 Season's Greetings app. The process // We have a safe with a lot of cash, stored in a lock room, surrounded by cameras. Our team takes a photo of each card, envelope and cash pair before they seal the envelope. Proof that we mailed the money inside the correct envelope. In the app, users agree to not hold us responsible for lost cards as long as the image of their order is correct. What you can do // Give Cash Money a try! Download Felt, create a card, handwrite a note to someone special, and include some money. This is not a scam :)
Matt Lugo
Matt Lugo@wwmld · Customer Experience/Operations
@tomerlikehomer amazing idea!!