Cap table management software and 409A valuations

Carta makes it simple for companies of all stages to turn employees into owners. As an SEC-registered transfer agent, we help companies issue, value, and transfer securities. Our powerful reporting and administrative tools keep you in compliance with the latest SEC and IRS regulations.


Jeff Reiner
  • Jeff Reiner
    Jeff ReinerFullmetal Developer™️ @Contentful

    Really great UX and design!


    Wish it held all of my work related finances, 401k, insurance, etc

    Overall really solid product. Every company offering options should use this!

    Jeff Reiner has used this product for one year.


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Nick Neuman
Nick Neuman@nneuman · Product at Casa
I really like the design based on the demos and mockups. How would you compare this to Stripe Atlas? Are they complementary to each other, or competitive? Seems like Carta is purely about managing cap tables & valuation, while Atlas handles a little of that + the other legal stuff like incorporation?
ilan abehassera
ilan abehassera@ilan · Co-Founder, COO at Willo ✨
One of the most important piece of software I've been using as an entrepreneur for a few years now (formerly eShares) : solid cap table management, issuing equity awards is a breeze, etc.