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We recommend watching the video version at www.carpool.vc or link above. Questions/topics discussed in this carpool include: -Building a thriving tech business in Michigan. -What's the best way to influence a company's culture? -How to handle explosive growth while maintaining core values. -Embarrassing early gaffes. -Lifestyle business vs venture business. -Cocaine, whoop/whoop, and ferris wheels.
Move goodness dropped. Loving these!
@clarkvalberg we need to get you back on... going to launch this year? we'll drive around the parking lot!
love every episode, kudos guys!
@urbanskibartek Thanks Bartek! Appreciate the kind words.
"You're a lifestyle business, till you're not."
@orliesaurus i assume you meant "LOL". damn autocorrect.
@jtriest haha nice try