Carpool with Ludlow Ventures (new web series)

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Thanks @eriktorenberg for posting this. We're excited to share with the PH community, a new project we've been working on at Ludlow Ventures. Brett and I carpool to work every day. Most days begin dropping my kids off at school. I'm pretty sure the crossing guard thinks we're dating. We thought it would be fun to start recording our commutes and the people we talk to along the way. We have some great upcoming guests (Eric Ries, Jesse Genet, Mark Suster, Jason Calacanis, Clark Valberg and more). The audio is less than ideal right now, but we're upgrading our gear. Please share thoughts and feedback. A specific ask to the PH community; we want to have 1-3 standard questions that we ask everyone who chats with us. The goal is to stay away from the "who do you admire?" "what do you like about your job?" questions and conjure up things that will make people share more personally and vulnerably. Have any awesome questions to add to that list? We'd love to hear them. Thanks!
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@jtriest sounds like a fun project. some questions: what are your on-going challenges? what inspires to go to work every day? if you weren't driving to work, where would you be?
@jtriest I love that you're doing this. I think you're on to something insanely fascinating, but I have a ton of feedback. I'd like to see more a mission statement behind it. Just saying you're recording because you guys drive together isn't enough. That's a gimmick that gets us watching, but doesn't sustain. I know you well enough to know you have one. Talk about it on camera. And when you bring Clark on tell us who he is and why he matters for your mission. If you call your dad, don't cut away just as you're talking to him. That's a personal moment that you should show. Maybe ask him how he felt you crashed his car as a teenager or sold his shirts on ebay when you were growing up. Or something that shows us who you were. Is this helpful?
@jtriest what's something that took you a long time to understand?
@andrewwarner Thanks Andrew. New at this. Excited for all good things ahead.
Honored and frightened to be the first guest. But seriously, love these guys.
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@clarkvalberg So much fun to have you on. Love you back!
@clarkvalberg Lots of love going on in this thread. Clark, thanks for being our guinea pig. Our cute, lovable guinea pig.
Seems like the VC / startup version of Seinfeld's comedians in cars getting coffee
@eawharton yeah I'm a big fan of that show and it was definitely an inspiration, the only difference is we carpool every day for the last three years whether we film or not
@eawharton I've not seen it, but that's what everyone keeps telling me ;)
@brettdem @eawharton @jtriest IMO, the magic of the show is that it doesn't feel like a forced interview. It seems like a conversation between friends. I'm looking forward to checking this out!
@eawharton Thanks Eddie, that's the goal. The second it becomes forced we're done.
@jtriest @brettdem can we get @lonelysandwich on pleeeeaaasse? 😊
@rrhoover yes yes yes!
What's one thing you believed strongly to be true, but changed your mind/approach on? Thanks @jtriest and @BrettdeM just watched first two episodes.
@decision_ that's a good question! What would your answer be?
Stop deflecting @brettdem answer the @decision_'s question!