Get the most points from your credit cards every day.

CardPointers is a native iOS/watchOS app with a database of over 3,000 credit cards to help people keep track of their cards and ensure that they get the most rewards for purchases every day. Siri Shortcuts, Spotlight integration, dark mode, and more!
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Hi ProductHunt! I'm really excited to officially launch the app through here after working on it over the last year. The idea for the app started in January, when I was printing labels to put on my parents' credit cards to help them keep track of which card to use for restaurants, gas stations, etc, so that they could get 5x points through some of the cards that I helped them apply for. A decent solution for two people, and while I (mostly) love seeing them as often as possible, it was going to become quite the chore updating all of their cards all the time, and me printing labels doesn't scale very well.. And so I set out to build a web app to test my idea... a seemingly dead-simple service which would categorize every credit card in the US (and eventually the rest of the world) and tell you which card to use for every kind of purchase so that you'd always get the most out of your credit cards. And then... I kept building. I launched. I posted about it on Reddit. The feedback was *amazing*. I was missing hundreds of cards, but the lovely people of the internet emailed me about them, most of the time nicely, and I'd add those cards. Then write scripts to keep them updated, and to find new cards. Over and over again. Until I got to the point where I am now, with over 3,000 cards in the database, categorized into a database across 16 spending categories (the top ones, if you were wondering, are Airline, Gas Station, Hotel, Restaurant, and Supermarket), and a whole lot more people using the app every day than I ever thought possible! The web app was great, but I've been an iOS developer since the beginning... and after watching a ton of WWDC videos this summer, I locked myself back into my room to work on the iOS app... with as many native features that I could think of that made sense (and even some that don't -- I'm looking at you, Xbox controller... you're not a great interface device for a credit card recommendation app, but I love you anyhow!) I launched the app for iOS, iPadOS, and as an independent watchOS 6 app in September with the iOS 13 launch, and was hoping for a few hundred more users... but then I got a screenshot from a friend showing CardPointers featured in the App Store. And then another one. And another. And then the users kept rolling in... as did the smiles! Three months later, I've released 3 updates, with a 4th on the way, and all I want for Christmas this year is even more people to find out about the app, use it when they go to pull out their wallets, and never miss any bonus points again. Would love to answer any and all questions, about the app itself, the development process, or even credit card rewards in general -- it's a fantastic "hobby" with real-world perks and tons of free travel, and hopefully with CardPointers, that's now even more attainable for more people. Thanks for checking it out, and happy holidays to you!
@emcro Great app for both iOS and watchOS... no more fumbling in my wallet looking for the right card to use to maximize my daily point spends!
@chumster Thank you so much, Jonathan!
I can imagine this doing very well. Thanks for making this good luck on the upvotes today.:)
@andrew_hollas3 thank you so much, and happy holidays! Hope you enjoy the app and the extra points / cash back in 2020 takes you to some wonderful new places :)
@emcro had a hunch it would get many upvotes while I don’t have a Apple Watch I do have the iPhone. I explore a lot of resources and haven’t seen anything for the watch that covers credit cards and rewards stuff. Congrats
@andrew_hollas3 Thanks again! Hope you enjoy the iPhone app, too; it’s the platform that’s seeing the most new features as there are fewer restrictions than on the watch, but I’ve got lots more planned for both.
Wow this sounds just like me...
@irinam Haha glad to hear that; happy holidays :)
@omprem Thank you so much, glad you love it!