The Mac contacts app you'll want to use.

#4 Product of the DayOctober 19, 2017
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Cardhop lets you search, add, edit, and interact with your contacts in a fun and interactive way. Just type what you want and Cardhop will figure it out!

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James Gill
Michael Simmons
Corey Haggard
  • James Gill
    James GillCEO, GoSquared

    Beautiful interface, easy to access from the menubar


    Would be great to have an iOS app too.

    If you like Fantastical, this is the Contacts app for you. Beautiful app that's already saved me a bunch of time.

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Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Excited to see Fantastical's new product for managing and working with contacts on your Mac:
Vadim Demedes
Vadim Demedes@vdemedes
Upvoted just for the tasty icon before even checking out the app. I’ll go make some sandwiches now.
Alex Bauer
Alex BauerHiring@alexdbauer · Product Marketing —
This looks like a recreation of Cobook (before the FullContact acquisition). I ADORE Fantastical — this would be a shoe-in for my menubar if I weren't already also in love with FullContact...but a gorgeous UI/UX for sure!
Alex Bauer
Alex BauerHiring@alexdbauer · Product Marketing —
Definitely an icon from another age though...when I first saw it, I assumed the app was something made 2012 😬
Jeremy Bauer
Jeremy Bauer@barnabybones · Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
Joshua Pinter
Joshua Pinter@joshuapinter · Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
I think CardHop and NTWRK should have a baby.
Samuel Goudie
Samuel Goudie@sgoudie · Founder @homamoco
I'm a big fan of Fantastical. It's made life a lot easier. I've also been thinking a lot about how dispersed my contacts are across different networks. This might be a good place to put them!