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Hourly car rental without designated pickup / drop off

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Car2Go 2.0 is an hourly car rental service. Grab a car2go from anywhere on the street, then drop it off anywhere on the street in the operating area.


Ish Baid
  • Ish Baid
    Ish BaidI build things

    + No membership fee

    + You get to drive around in a sweet Mercedes Benz

    + Cars are refueled for you

    + Don't need to return car to pickup


    - Limited space (not great for storing lots of luggage / equipment)

    Car2go has really stepped up its game. In Seattle, they've replaced all their smart cars with brand new Mercedes-Benz. With Lyft / Uber prices rising, I've found myself using Car2go more and more as an alternative to owning a car.

    Ish Baid has used this product for one month.


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It works amazing in Germany. There are plenty of them over years now.
Paul Burke
Paul Burke@ipaulpro · Android Developer
I see no indication of a version 2.0... No blog post, tweet, email from Car2Go, app update or any mention of a release. Android is also at version 3 for a while. Where can I find information about "Car2Go 2.0"?
Aaron O'Leary@aaronoleary · Community @producthunt. Nontechtech
I understand Lime and Bird you know where there grab and go model, but that's for scooters, really not sure about how well it will work with cars
Andreas Pizsa
Andreas Pizsa@andreaspizsa
@aaronoleary I've been using car2go for more than 5 years. It’s great and works flawlessly.
Aaron O'Leary@aaronoleary · Community @producthunt. Nontechtech
@andreaspizsa Nice! It's pretty innovative, much cheaper than buying a car
Aaron O'Leary@aaronoleary · Community @producthunt. Nontechtech
@andreaspizsa They arent here in Ireland yet, so excuse my scepticism
Andreas Pizsa
Andreas Pizsa@andreaspizsa
@aaronoleary No worries. It may still be worth signing up if you travel to supported countries. Also check out Drive Now, who have BMWs, which I prefer over Smarts and Mercedes (0€ registration + 20 minutes with this link)
Lanre Akinyemi
Lanre Akinyemi@lanre_akinyemi
In Toronto GM have gone direct to market themselves with a service called Maven, such a great idea!
Joshua Pinter
Joshua Pinter@joshuapinter · Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
@ish Sorry, where's the "2.0" come from?! What's new about this that made you post it and get all the Product Hunt karma? This should be taken down and a slap on the wrist should be delivered.