Watch YouTube videos with multiple subtitles simultaneously

CaptionPop is the best way to experience YouTube as a language learner.

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Awesome idea. Useful for those trying to learn a new language. Why'd you build this, @jbaudanza?
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Thanks @rrhoover! I made this to help improve my Korean listening comprehension skills. I can read and write it decently, but listening is challenging. I hope other language learners find it useful as well. The concept was inspired from an open source Electron app called Voracious ( which my friend built to help his Japanese listening comprehension. The app runs on your desktop and allows you to playback local videos with multiple subtitles at once. I wanted to apply the same concept to YouTube, and also provide a way to discover good content. YouTube doesn't provide a way to filter videos by subtitle language, so I built this feature into CaptionPop. I have some more features planned but I'd love to get some feedback from the ProductHunt community. If anyone has any thoughts or requests, please let me know.
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Great job!! 😊 this super useful
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This is a fantastic idea, and well executed! This is going in my language learning toolkit. I wonder if there is a way to make subtitling easier for creators, so that we can get more content for language learning.
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@banada Thanks Nathaniel! I'm really glad you like it. The subtitles are all pulled from YouTube, which already provides a really good interface for creating subtitles and also sourcing subtitles from the community. I had someone suggest I add a "request subtitles" button for videos that are missing subtitles for your target language. This might send a message to the content creator, or maybe encourage someone in the community to write subtitles. Would this be an interesting feature to you?
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@jbaudanza sending a message to the content creator is an interesting idea. Mobilizing the community for any given piece of content would be difficult. I've long been interested in a bounty system for subtitles
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This is incredible.
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Learning languages or hosting an international movie night 😁 Very cool idea, I'll definitely give it a try πŸ‘
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