Captioned is a new video creation app. Create addictive 60-second videos where your audio is complemented with a stream of images, GIFs, selfies, and more.

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I had fun playing with this app during the beta (the Captioned team is using Ship) and made a video dedicated to my favorite middle school jams. 🎶 This is clearly an evolution of Bumpers. I'm curious to hear the backstory and what the plans are for the Bumpers app, @iano, @_sdunn_, @linalovesit.
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@rrhoover It is definitely an evolution and started as a feature for Bumpers. But once we started playing with them we felt like the media type was really unique to itself and wanted to give it the room it deserved to breath. We also felt like a minute time limit really worked for these, but doesn't work as well for just audio. Jacob also happened to already own so it seemed to all line up to do it as its own app, where you could know what to expect, rather than having these videos live alongside audio. No current plans to sunset Bumpers, although I think it would be great to figure out a way to combine the two at some point. But for now we are definitely having fun with Captioned and really excited by this weird new thing we stumbled upon.

This is such a fun app. Download it to create or just watch what people are making.


I looooove making capts! Super fun/easy. It's hard not to be funny with such a good palette.


More people!!!

Just downloaded the app - what fun in terms of creating a video so quickly with images and gifs to tell a story. I have also added it to my curations. Are you planning a paid version without your watermark and end content as I know that is what my clients would look for? And what about an Android app? Are there plans for different formats such as portrait and landscape? Is there a way to have a video hidden from our profiles if we want to use the app mainly to download and share? Thanks
@krishnade Hey Krishna, Right now all videos posted outside of network get watermarked with your username and Captioned. For the immediate future this will likely be the case. We would love to do an android app but currently don't have any plans. But keep eyes peeled! Hidden videos are a good idea!
@iano Thanks for coming back to me - I have been testing the app out and found that when I go to delete a segment at the end the whole audio recording disappears - is this a known issue? Also more questions/comments: - are you planning to allow people to upload an audio rather than recording one in the app? - it would be great to be able to resize the gifs and images you add to the story - I really like the different sounds - would be good to have some shorter stingers to use at the beginning and end of a video - how do you delete/change and image or gif you add to the timeline. Thanks
What’s up Product Hunt community! A little over a year ago, our team launched Bumpers, an all-encompassing “podcast from your phone” app. We owe a lot of our early momentum to our launch on Product Hunt, as many of you helped shape what would become a passionate and diverse group of creators. Over the last eight months, we’ve been eager to improve the ways the world engage with audio. Every quirky idea ultimately led us back to the very same question: “Wouldn’t it be exciting to actually SEE the audio?” We explored this idea and were so excited by its possibilities that we built an entirely new platform called Captioned. The app lets you make make addictive and highly-shareable videos using images, GIFs, selfies and more. Here’s how it works: Record your voice with your iPhone to create a 60-second story, rant, recap or whatever's on your mind! Our editor identifies lull periods in the recording and breaks the sound down into tiny chunks. You can remove anything you want by simply tapping on the wave. GIFs, web search, camera/video and photo library are all integrated within Captioned so searching for the perfect image is quick and fun. Choose from a variety of sound effects and segues to add flavor to your recording. When you’re finished, you can preview the video and then instantly publish to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Here are a few of our favorite examples created in beta: A cute mother/daughter interview Why open offices suck An embarrassing moment on Sportscenter Advice to my younger self
@iano What Anchor did for audio, you have done it for Audio and Visuals - a new, easy and fun way of creating content. Btw, I had to try it on iPad ;-) I had to part ways with my iPhone few weeks ago. P.S - an option to signup using an email. Now everyone would prefer a social login and the phone signup doesn't seem to work (mostly because I am in India)
Fun as hell. Love working with yall. SO excited to see what people make so I can feature all over socials including our BEAUTIFUL INSTAGRAM (cough cough follow!) @captionedvideo
@captionedvideo @linalovesit Curious to see what people create. 👀
@captionedvideo @k3sava SAME! the beta was so much fun and even with a small group we got a lot of amazing super diverse content