Record and listen to conversations, rants, and audio shows

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OH also for the product hunters here is a bunch of emails i sent when i first started working on this (I turned it into a couple medium posts so I didn't keep spamming people) which kind of catalogs the VERY early days of the app struggle https://medium.com/an-audio-thing
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I've been looking forward to seeing this launch. I just recorded a bumper of my initial impressions of the app (I know, meta). Of course, it's similar to Anchor, "reinventing" podcasting to make it more accessible (and fun). I love the addition of sound effects, smart editing, and their audio prompts are engaging (e.g. what's one thing everyone loves that you hate: my answer). More details from @iano in his Medium post.
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One major🔑 is Timing. People are listening to more & more podcasts. Android on the way or do you need to validate the iOS version first?
This solves a major problem, but the way you guys executed is what's most important. As intuitive and easy-to-use as you can get. This can really give a newfound voice to every single user out there. Seriously...great job!