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@rrhoover great question. 1. We're working on a new onboarding wizard that guides you through setting up the right experience for your app. It follows the same process that we do with our enterprise customers: First we get some basic information on your audience and vertical, then we try to narrow it down do the right actions and interactions - what makes your users tick - and finally we suggest the right tools and mechanics that will help you achieve that. For some segments, a reward system will be spot on; for others, it can deter users from their true motivations. 2. Captain Up is not a silver bullet. Your core product needs to be fun and useful for people, and we can only give advice on how to do that. On sites and apps that nailed their core experience we're seeing terrific results (order of magnitude improvements). On apps that don't have their core mechanics sorted, not so much.
Looks good. I saw it in several sites and I think it's an interesting idea. Try to come back to the site after a few minutes to see it in action :)
what sites is it on?
@ajt Here are some sites you can check it out on:
If anyone has any questions feel free to email the team: @rrhoover any chance you could enable commenting for the founders?,,