Captain Train

The first travel app on your wrist (Android Wear)

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Glad to be featured here ! I work at Capitaine Train, feel free to ask if you have any questions about the product. A few words about Capitaine Train: Our company has been founded by three engineers obsessed with simplicity and product efficiency. We are now 23 and our goal is to offer the best customer experience for train tickets, everywhere in Europe. The service is available on the web, iOS and Android. And today we launch on Android Wear! Smartwatches are great to display notifications with barcode tickets and all travel information you need. If anyone here has a smartwatch and plans to travel in Europe by train, we’d love to have some feedback!
@EmilandDC This is such a fantastic product, and I love how design-forward it is too. Do you have any plans to integrate more with UK train companies? I'm aware our train system is a bit of a mess compared with those of mainland Europe countries, but it would be great to be able to use this with more than Eurostar!
@riaface Thanks! Our goal is to integrate all European countries, so I hope we'll do it one day. Currently, we entirely cover France and Germany railways (the two biggest networks), plus the main lines to 20 countries (London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milano, Wien, etc). And that's already 13k+ stations!
Interesting to see smart watch functional use cases
I have been using capitaine train for a while now and this is the type of service where there is simply no turning back. This release sounds like a really cool experience, I'm thinking about getting an Android Wear watch now :)
Now I need an Android watch. Captain Train is an awesome product, glad that we're able to use it in France. I buy all my train tickets with it :)
cc'ing @scobleizer as i know he's interested in where the watch is going.
@eriktorenberg Yup, thanks! Looks great.