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Curated directory of sharing economy resources to save money

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My first hunt guys!! Another Startup Stash inspired website, this time to save and make money with the sharing economy, lots of Airbnb for X (food, clothes, accommodation, books, money, tourism, 3D printing). Hope you like it!
@carlos_bernabeu Thanks Carlos for hunting this, I thought about this idea one year ago, on how to help people to find their way in the sharing economy ecosystem, and how to help people make money out of their skills and assets/resources. I thought of many ways of doing this and I finally decided to make it like Startup Stash, since it's a interesting way of displaying information. Then we decided to find and group the best sharing economy websites (Airbnb for X, uber for X) by category (Cars, Accommodation, Teaching, Parking, ...) I hope this will help you, feel free to comment and give me feedback
@bramk @carlos_bernabeu I am glad that you like it !
@sandochee I was trying to find, and then thought to build, this kind of website. Thanks for saving me the time and effort ;)
Belongs to stash family! Well done guys.
@farbodsaraf Thank you :) feel free to send any feedback!
I always appreciate these stacks!
@callmewilsar Thanks Wilsar, we also really like them
@robjama Hey Robleh, you hunted my previous project @Kanbanote, I think you might like this one :)
You need to add this to the directory: - also at product hunt: