A backchannel for fun with your friends (beta)

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PHers - stop using this app. it was great when just us cooler hipper early adopter influencers were on it. now you're ruining it with pictures of your mundane life.
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Beautiful app from @dtrinh, one of the original designers at Path. It’s a great and simple way to share all the fun stuff in your life that never feels right to post everywhere else. I love the simple grid of the timeline and how videos and photos can coexist so well.
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@hutchins I love that you love it because all you need is love
I've been playing with Cap for a few days now. As expected, coming from @dtrinh and team, it's beautiful. Here's a shot I took last night: Many people hate on new photo/video messaging apps, claiming the market's saturated and while that's true, there's always more room to explore new ways of communicating with people. For example, MessageMe has been one of the primary ways I communicate with my family back home. That said, why did you decide to build this of all things, @dtrinh?
@mulligan thank you sir :)
Thanks @hutchins @rrhoover and team for the love! Our aim here is to try out a set of silly ideas/mechanics we've been experimenting with, open it to a few more folks, and test where we've missed the mark / made something useful. The general framework of thought behind Cap and our other work is to build out the backstage*, the inverse of success theatre*. We have quite a bit more coming as @alexhorre mentioned, so we're really damn grateful for people's time and help as we build. That said, it's been really fun watching the positive response so far. See you on Cap and let me know if you have any questions *See: *
@dtrinh The idea of success theater is really interesting. You're basically shooting for digital vulnerability. I'm guessing the ephemerality of Cap, Snapchat and others take the importance off the perfection of the photo and gear it more towards your intended audience in that moment. The moment itself is downplayed a bit too since it's not attached to your profile forever like on Instagram. The psychology behind this is fascinating. (I'm sorry for the camera/photography puns, they weren't intended)
@dtrinh I see some similarities between what you're going for (at least as I understand it) and Path. Reading from the "backstage" article you linked to, one key is that the audience is not present; backstage you're performing for another group: the performers themselves. However, as far as I can tell with Cap, anyone can add anyone else and see their caps. Aren't we therefore still acting for a public audience? The logical leap I'm missing is how limiting the post to 24hrs creates a backstage mentality. A limited, reciprocal friending model like Path (especially in the early days) seems like a better strategy to change behaviors by creating a different audience for our digital sharing.