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    Ryan Hoover

    Product Hunt

    I've had the pleasure of playing with a beta of Taptalk (I know, product hipster) for the past few weeks after meeting Berlin-based CEO/founder, @ogtfaber. The team was previously working on Ding Dong, a location-based messaging app.

    I'm super impressed with the UX and speed of communication. Each message is one-to-one, unlike Snapchat and other communication apps that allow you to send the same post to several people at once. This makes each message more personal and arguably more value because you know it's just for you. I like the direction Onno and team are heading.

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    Onno Faber

    CEO, Taptalk

    Thanks @rrhoover! We want to create a way for mobile communication to be more real and fun, opposed to the 'editorial zeitgeist' we live in right now.
    With Taptalk you can spontaneously share a moment 1:1 without getting out of it.
    Our beta users love the authenticity of the messages they receive from their friends, something you 'feel' when you receive them. That's what we love and why we are building this!

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    Solene Maître

    Product & Co-founder - Enquire

    I used to play with Ding Dong and really loved the concept but found the UX a bit too complicated. I remember that I loved the songs and the peacefulness of the interface;) So I can't wait to see what you came up with and test Taptalk. @ogtfaber as the app we build at Enquire is currently in beta, I would love to know how you've managed the beta. How long did you stay in beta? Ho many users you get? How and when did you switch from the beta to the appstore? ...

    I don't know if you can share this here or contact me at solene@goenquire.com


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    Onno Faber

    CEO, Taptalk

    @SoleneMa I'll send you an email with my contact details

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    Ryan Hoover

    Product Hunt

    @ogtfaber - how did you decide to stop working on Ding Dong and move onto something new? The common entrepreneurial crossroads: persevere or pivot.

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    Lasse Clausen

    Founder, FOUNDD

    The video walkie talkie function makes it right now the fastest way to communicate with someone. So it's it's a utility but can also be really playful and fun. The messages I receive are very genuine and therefore quite emotional.
    Been using the beta for a while and love it, also because I can actually get my non techie and app fatigued friends to use it.

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    Helen Crozier

    Tech Coach | Digital Productivity

    Testing it after hearing about it on podcast. Daughter doesn't mind it but son 'doesn't like this app' - hard core snap chatter :-(
    I wanted to get buy in because he's 16000 km away or so the app tells us. I like the speed - sort of wish you could turn off the map - seems like we are only getting half pic half map. I wish you luck with it!

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    Eric Seufert

    Editor, Mobile Dev Memo

    @ogtfaber showed me TapTalk last night and I knew instantly that it'd become a hit. The UI is fantastic; it's far easier (and faster!) to use than Snapchat. Hooked!

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    Onno Faber

    CEO, Taptalk

    Ryan Hoover

    Product Hunt

    I chatted about TapTalk on the 3rd episode of Product Hunt Radio w/ @abramdawson and @gkoberger. It's so freakin' fast. I'm also impressed to see the team release an Android version only a month after the iOS launch.

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    Abram Dawson

    Associate, SV Angel

    This has been the most used app on my phone (second only to email, but there's nothing fun about that) for the past 3 weeks. It's replaced texting for most of my closest friends. Huge fan of this team and app @ogtfaber @rrhoover @gkoberger

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    Ryan Hoover

    Product Hunt

    Ryan Hoover

    Product Hunt

    Desi Saran

    Growth Strategist, Lean Startup Machine

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