CanvasFlip Visual Inspector

Free Chrome extn for designers to inspect/edit live websites

Say hello to Visual Inspector - a delightful way to make design changes in live webpages without losing comfort of design tools.

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9 Reviews3.3/5
Hey @kwdinc, thank you so much for the Hunt and awesomizing product with your feedback.. :) Hey Hunters, we are super excited to launch our Chrome extension for design community - Visual Inspector. We built Visual inspector to set designers free from digging code to make change in live websites. We started using it internally along with few other teams and it has made designers hero of design reviews again. As of now Visual Inspectors allows you to: - Inspect and Change all design properties like position, font, opacity, colours, gradient, typography etc. - Edit website text inline, try new CTAs - Measure distance between various elements ​in the page​ - Play with Color theme and typographies - Export page assets and your changes as PNG In last 3 months, we have given 56 hours of user interviews, 38 hours of design & over 140 hours of development effort to make it happen for you and I would love you to try Visual Inspector and share your reviews (links below)... And did I say that it's absolutely FREE for all you awesome Hunters!! Have a feedback/review, leave a comment or drop a note -
@kwdinc @mj_canvasflip Minor typo: "Assests" for the far right tab, instead of Assets. Very very cool tool!
Awesome. My design team will love this!
Thanks @apurv_agrawal.. Really appreciate it. Your feedback encourages us to keep going.
Tried the plugin found it very useful and it feels like I'm using a design tool. It's more than an inspector. Loved it🙌
Thanks @designavenger.. Your designs has inspired us for long. Good to hear that you find it useful..
Loving the tool and moved away from conventional chrome inspect element snippet. Pretty cool and must have an HTML download feature for the edited design :)
@dushyantz: +1, especially if it is cleaner code than the original. 😎
Such a neat tool. Much helpful!
Thanks a lot @weirdowizard. You have always been awesome with your feedback