CanvasFlip 2.0

Record conversion funnel, heatmap & user video on prototype

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great tool, we use it widely at Times Internet!
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Thank you so much @mitensampat for being there to guide us.. !!
Hello Hunters, We built CanvasFlip for you to get UX analytics right on your prototypes in real-time. You can analyze user behaviour over - "Interaction Heatmaps", "Conversion Funnels" and recorded "User Videos" just by sharing your prototype link in web browser. No extra plugin or app required. Sounds interesting? "Sign up and Get Started with sample prototype." In coming weeks, We will be adding lot of cool stuff in CanvasFlip: A/B Testing On Prototypes: Create multiple UX-flows on CanvasFlip. We will find out which one is the best. Plugin for Sketch, Photoshop and Mobile App: Create prototypes within your favorite design tools, including hand-drawn paper prototypes. High fidelity Prototypes: You'll be able to design your own animations on layers to create high-fidelity prototypes in minimum effort. In case, you have any feedback, comment or feature request on CanvasFlip, please share it with me at ( Much thanks to my friend @Emannuel for hunting CanvasFlip 2.0!! )
@vm4canvasflip @canvasflip @emannuel so cool! We've been using mouse stats at Convoy, but it's very rudimentary and a bit cluncky. I've been looking for something like this. Is there an optimum amount of traffic for using CanvasFlip? Because mouse stats is just a list of videos to watch one by one, it gets to be a bit much after 100 visitors per day.
Hey @scotthasbrouck, I'm sure @canvasflip will ease up your experience. You can literally record interactions with any number of users.. We have done with over few thousands..
@vm4canvasflip @canvasflip awesome! Adding it to my list to implement asap
I've been using CanvasFlip for over a month now and have saved hundreds of hours by validating design issues in first phase itself. However, I would desperately like to have A/B Testing to save even more time during iterations.
Hey @mohitmamoria. Thank you so much for using @CanvasFlip. I'm glad you liked it. A/B testing will be live very soon.
I have tested this! Good set of tools for UXers. Thanks for building.
Hi @abinashmohanty, Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm glad you find @CanvasFlip useful.
Awesome tool! A whole new level of mobile UX prototyping. I love the video feature. Well done!
Thank you so much @malikelbay. I am really glad you find @CanvasFlip useful.