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Campus Insights helps companies understand what Gen Z and Millennials candidly think about products and brands by conducting remote user interviews and focus groups around the world. We’ve helped companies improve onboarding conversions, retention rates, and brand messaging.

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Riley Soward
Riley SowardMaker@rileysoward · Co-Founder and CEO of Campus Insights
Hey PH! CEO and co-founder of Campus Insights here. Three years ago, as college students, my brother @stephensoward and I co-founded Campus Insights because we believed college students would be the most comfortable and candid when being interviewed by a UX researcher in their age group. Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce we’ve been acquired by Harvard Student Agencies. To celebrate, we’re offering a free moderated interview with someone trying out your product to the first 25 hunters who click “request free sample interview” on our homepage. We’ve been lucky to work with companies such as Airbnb, Chegg, Venmo, GoFundMe, and Brandless. And while we started solely focused on the college demographic, we’ve since expanded to do interviews with all age ranges, with a specialty in Gen Z and Millennials. I’d love to answer any questions you have about Campus Insights or our acquisition. Thanks for your support!
Javi@ios_javi · Digital Comm Major. Aspiring PM.
Hey Riley, Where can college students such as myself sign up to partake in these feedback sessions?
Riley Soward
Riley SowardMaker@rileysoward · Co-Founder and CEO of Campus Insights
@ios_javi Thanks for your question! You can sign up for our database here: We'll contact you if you're a fit for a future research project. We appreciate your interest.