Campaigns by Marsello

An email marketing upgrade to a powerful retention app

Campaigns by Marsello is the latest feature on the data-driven customer retention app. As an addition to Marsello's templated email flows, loyalty program and other features, Campaigns gives users the power to send the exact message they want, when they want.
Hiya, hunters! I’m Natalia, the Digital Campaigns Manager for Marsello, a marketing app built for retail business owners (both eCommerce and in-store!) who are equally passionate about growing their business AND keeping their customers happy. What started off as a humble loyalty marketing app has grown and grown over the past year to include data-driven, automated, templated email flows, RFM-analyzed (read: spending behavior based!) customer segmentation and more, all to help businesses focus on retaining customers and growing sales. So now, with our very proud launch of Campaigns, we’ve made it so much easier for retailers to manage all their retention marketing in one app. You no longer need an email service provider AND a loyalty program app AND a way to segment your customers by their spending habits. Our data-powered app houses it all. We would love any feedback on the new feature or on Marsello as a whole! If you use Shopify, BigCommerce, or Vend, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial of our Pro plan to test out each and every tool for two weeks and see if it’s a good fit :) -->
Great job!!😀 My question is Do the email campaigns land up in Spam folders or if not do we have to do some technical settings in to our website such as MailChimp
@ayush_chandra Thanks for your question! We have a really solid history of staying out of Spam folders, but if one of our users were to start experiencing trouble with that, our tech team has a bunch of great tools up their collective sleeves to help get it sorted for them.