Use your iPhone or iPad as a pro webcam

Look amazing on video calls. Use your iPhone or iPad as a pro webcam and get powerful effects and adjustments for Zoom, Meet, and more.
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Hello Hunters, it’s Aidan, founder of Reincubate here. I'm excited to have just launched Camo. It'll give you quality close to that of using a $1,500+ DSLR setup on calls. Earlier this year our team moved to working remotely, and in video calls everyone looked pretty bad, irrespective of whether they were on built-in Mac webcams or third-party ones. People told me the best quality required using a DSLR camera and a device to connect it, which together would cost over $1,500. I tried a handful of high-end webcams, but the software sucked, the colours were cold, and they kept refocusing in calls. I noticed on the odd occasion when people joined calls directly from their iPhones or iPads, they looked incomparably better. Category-leading webcams are… noticably worse than an iPhone 7. This makes sense: six weeks of Apple’s R&D spend tops Logitech's annual gross revenue. Thus began my journey to build Camo: an iPhone has one of the world’s best cameras in it, so could we make it work as a webcam? I shared an early build of Camo with photography expert Jeff Carlson, and he put put together a detailed comparison. Camo has a perpetually free version with 720p video (colour balance, focus, light, etc. add more than resolution over a certain point), a choice or front or back lens, and a small watermark. No registration required. There's an optional upgrade to use all the lenses, change resolutions, adjust the image and more. Camo does all the processing on your phone to keep your Mac quiet and cool. Oh, and we bought all of the stands we could find on Amazon and reviewed them here, in case you need one. We're starting work on 1.1 now, adding support for portrait mode / bokeh, Windows and more. I’d love to read your feedback, and thanks for stopping by. 👋
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@afit Super excited to hear about Windows coming!
Quite cool! But I thought it would stream to the Mac via wifi. Having the cable connected make me not know how to place the phone to stand up somehow..
@frexuz Thanks Kristian! We focused on using a cable first: that way your phone won't run out of charge if you get stuck on a call for hours, and it helps keep it cooler if we're not hammering the Wi-Fi chip. I was worried about having to remotely debug problems with people's Wi-Fi routers, as a really solid network will be required. That said, Wi-Fi is coming soon, and our roundup of iPhone stands finishes with a suggestion for an easily improvised one. 🙂 (There aren't any affiliate links in there.)
@afit Thanks for making people look better on zoom!
@mikeyeva Our pleasure, thank you! 😀
Any plans for an Android release?
@nickelnik Hi Nik — we're curious. We'll ship Windows and more features next, and see what people say.
Such a wonderful product! I was beta tester and Camo improve a lot the quality of my video calls. I've tried some of other apps to replace my webcam, but Camo is way better than the competitors. I love it! Thanks for the good work and I'm really excited to see what's next!
@sloan_fardele Thank you Sloan! We're excited to get to build the next bits. 😅