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Edit and share cinematic videos on your phone

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Hi friends! A little backstory: When we started working on the first version of Cameo (over 3 years ago), we wanted to design an experience that helped people become video storytellers with essentially zero effort. The mobile world was just getting comfortable sharing photos thanks to Instagram. Video was a bigger leap. Most people had a few videos on their phone, but didn't do much with them. Our first app was built as an automatic creation tool that helped you shoot, style and share short videos with friends. Because space constraints and phone processing was a concern, we did all the rendering in the cloud. We created time constraints (6 second shots, 2 min max) to keep things short and interesting. We were amazed at the content people were creating, and we heard a ton of great ideas and feedback. When we joined the Vimeo team last year, we had big plans. We set out to design a mobile video editing experience not bound to the typical desktop UI that other apps had followed. We decided to embrace the power of the iPhone to render on device in full HD. We added a ton of customization to our theme experience to add more versatility and options. We took out time limits and added the ability to import clips from any camera app or device. The new app is an open platform that we’re super excited to continue expanding with new tools and features. Would love any feedback or ideas you’d like to share! Thanks for the hunt @kylebragger! Andy
That first scroll was a real woah! moment.
I'm digging the App Store screenshots. Creative.
@harryraymond thanks Harry! @ryanography @stephenmarklevi @chillpat had a great idea that they executed really well. Hidden secret: you see a different layout depending on which phone you have
The website is absolutely gorgeous and exceptionally well done. Best site design I've seen in a while. Really impressive.
@jonathanmarcus I agree. @jawkneelean and @ryanography did some amazing work.
I've watched Cameo evolve over the years, and it's looking better than ever. Congrats to the founders, great work guys!
@mager thanks dude!