Cake Browser 3.0

The top-rated iOS web browser now with RSS, games & more!

Surfing the mobile web is now easier than ever.

The new Cake Home Screen gets you to your favorite content even faster: web search, RSS feeds, bookmarks, news collections, games and more.

Tired of algorithms controlling your news feed? Take control and stay close to the blogs and publications you love. Swipe through your favorite sites like 😍.

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone - we're excited to introduce Cake 3.0 to the world today on Product Hunt! 😃 We've been hearing a lot lately about people who are tired of algorithms telling them what to read or being channeled into certain stories or links from their social feeds. That inspired us to think about a way to easily access the info you want from the sources you find to be reputable. To pull this off, we incorporated a fresh new approach to RSS that essentially allows you to follow your favorite sites and get the latest updates from them, whether they are blogs, news outlets or any other type of site that has an RSS feed. We also made Cake easier to use with a new home page that puts features right at your fingertips, whether it is the sites you're following, topical "slices" of the web, trending info or even web-based games. Hope you enjoy!

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If you're tired of Facebook or consume news or any particular blogs with any consistency this is the best way to do it.


Breeze through the sites you love seamlessly. You choose your content sources rather than an algorithm.



I loved it on Android . Any idea , when is it going to release on Android ? Please release it soon !!!!!
@aalpanigrahi We plan to release 3.0 for Android in the next 2 weeks—stay tuned!
Big update! I like that I can choose which sites I want to follow to get updates when there is new content on sites I like. I thought RSS was dead, but this provides an interesting twist. The games are more fun than I expected as well.