Cake Browser

The world's first swipeable mobile web browser.

Cake Browser is a better web browser for your phone. Cake skips over the search results list to take you straight to the content you want—then you simply swipe to see the next result. No more back-and-forth between a search results page and the result links. Just swipe and go. With Cake at your fingertips, you’ll find more and find it faster.

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I'm actually intrigued, except when she said a bunch of guys racing to see her eating ice-cream...that made the whole experience a bit awkward 🤷🏻‍♂️
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@thatakke That's "Little Esther"! I love her stand up. Quirky lines like that are totally her style of comedy; if you felt confused, that's exactly what she was going for.
@thatakke Yep. I found that part awkward as well.
@thatakke Very awkward presentation.
The worst marketing video I've seen in awhile. Wouldn't expect this from a company that just raised.
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@koridhandy They revealed the features of the product and the person talking didn’t give the impression of an emotionless robot. How is this a bad thing? Would you dive deeper into what you thought was done wrong?
@hristiyandodov well during a time when sexual tension is at its peak, the fact you have a women saying and endorsing womanizing behavior "Its kind of like a bunch of Dudes racing to my house to watch me eat ice cream, its kind of hot if you think about it". Its just poor taste, and she is a bad actor, also she says the word "like" 5x and sounds like bit of airhead.
@koridhandy Well, it’s also during a time when people getting offended by anything and anyone for whatever reason is at its peak. Also, I think there’s a difference between the video being bad and the presenter.
@hristiyandodov Im not offended, I just think its a double standard... and it send mixed signals. Can we watch you eat ice cream without losing everything? lol.
@koridhandy Agreed. The marketing video was tone deaf and detracted from an otherwise exciting product. It doesn’t need the gimmicks, the product shines on its own.
Just tried. Mind blown. 🤯
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They have balls to take on the big browsers! Good on you guys!

I have loved my experience as a beta tester for Cake. Swiping thru results has become second nature, and I've found myself trying to swipe in other browsers and getting frustrated when it doesn't work.

I hope they can get the user adoption they're looking for. An easy way to import data from other browsers would be a great way to help users make the switch.


New way to perform searches and organize my browsing.


There is a learning curve.