10k ready-to-download curated resources for dev & designers

ByPeople is a collections of 10k icons, plugins, themes, images and more built for developers and designers, ready to download.

  • Danny Viasus Avila
    Danny Viasus AvilaDeveloper Engineer

    Tons of useful resources for devs and designers


    Not yet for me

    Love this community :), Is a complete marketplace to find curated resources.

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  • MyStoryTeller
    MyStoryTellerGlyph Pics

    Steady flow of good free curated stuff I'd never find normally.


    The VIP "deals" are too addictive ;-)

    I hate that their paid deal delivery does not seem to be automated. But they always come a day or so later.

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Very useful. Thank you for making this 😉 many useful resources for web designers and developers.
@bootstraptor thanks anatolii !
I also sell my products as a vendor there, highly recommend to all vendors I have a good profit. The project team is very friendly and professional. keep it up @juanpablosarmi
Something I visit daily. Great collection of free stuff.
@csaba_kissi Csaba, thanks a lot friend ! which other kind of content would you like to see here ?
@juanpablosarmi free templates, scripts, icons, backgrounds. Literally everything related to web development/
@csaba_kissi So be it ! thanks again