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Bynder is the fastest growing DAM service, offering a simplified solution for marketing professionals to manage their digital content.

Teams can find the right files 24/7 with cloud storage and sharing, collaborate with real-time edits and approvals, distribute with auto-formatting for channels and file types.

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Thanks a lot for hunting Orbit today @BramK. Hello Product Hunters! I’m Lidia, CMO at Bynder. We are very excited to feature on Product Hunt for our launching day! Bynder Orbit is the all-in-one tool for you to smartly manage your creative files. You can store, organize, and share your files simply and professionally, in a customisable brand portal that encourages open collaboration in your team—no matter its size. In an increasingly digital world, managing your files effectively is a must-have: The growing demand for digital content provides a lot of opportunities for marketers, but making sure that your files are easily accessible—across your team—can be a big challenge. Bynder Orbit aims to meet this critical market demand with innovative features such as lightning-fast AI-powered searching, intelligent filtering, and unlimited file transfers. How Bynder Orbit can help you: -Customizable brand portal, reflecting your personal brand -AI-powered searching to locate your files instantly -Up to 100GB of free storage -Automatic file conversion to help you download any files you need -No limits to the number and size when uploading your creative files -Total control of who in your team can access and use your digital assets -State-of-the-art security, with files backed up in three different ways every day Did I mention it’s free? Help us improve Bynder Orbit by providing feedback: As we are on Product Hunt today (again, we are so excited!), please share any questions and feedback here with us, and I will be happy to respond. Best, Lidia
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Really cool idea, @lidialuettin! And the UI and UX look stunning! Congrats on the hunt!

It's a new product, so I believe they'll add more functionalities soon. Will keep an eye on it.


- Design/UX

- Free

- No user limit


- Limitations regarding functionalities

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Great stuff by the team! Super impressed.


- Awesome design.

- Super simple to use.

- Saves me time from navigating through Dropbox.


- None so far!

Great Stuff! exactly what my team needed 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@ignaciogallegos Cool! Let me know if you have any feedback.

very rare to find a product that has so much functionality and yet incredibly easy to use and intuitive


so many useful features and yet so easy to use! Great product


haven't found one yet