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Bynder is the fastest growing DAM service, offering a simplified solution for marketing professionals to manage their digital content.

Teams can find the right files 24/7 with cloud storage and sharing, collaborate with real-time edits and approvals, distribute with auto-formatting for channels and file types.

  • Emily Ann Kolvitz
    Emily Ann KolvitzDAM librarian, consultant, remote worker

    Free, unlimited users, automatic AI tagging, first free digital library of it's kind.


    have to pay for more advanced features

    It's like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and WeTransfer had a baby, with their best traits and some added bonuses. Basically, you get a free digital library that anyone you invite can access from anywhere with an internet connection. Upload is incredibly fast.

    Videos you upload convert and you can watch them/play them in your library. You can preview all sorts of file types, filter on tags and categories (multi-faceted search), and make your portal more unique through custom colors, tag and category list, and your logo. Best part is new features are being added every day.

  • Yvonne
    YvonneCMO at

    - Design/UX

    - Free

    - No user limit


    - Limitations regarding functionalities

    It's a new product, so I believe they'll add more functionalities soon. Will keep an eye on it.

Thanks a lot for hunting Orbit today @BramK. Hello Product Hunters! I’m Lidia, CMO at Bynder. We are very excited to feature on Product Hunt for our launching day! Bynder Orbit is the all-in-one tool for you to smartly manage your creative files. You can store, organize, and share your files simply and professionally, in a customisable brand portal that encourages open collaboration in your team—no matter its size. In an increasingly digital world, managing your files effectively is a must-have: The growing demand for digital content provides a lot of opportunities for marketers, but making sure that your files are easily accessible—across your team—can be a big challenge. Bynder Orbit aims to meet this critical market demand with innovative features such as lightning-fast AI-powered searching, intelligent filtering, and unlimited file transfers. How Bynder Orbit can help you: -Customizable brand portal, reflecting your personal brand -AI-powered searching to locate your files instantly -Up to 100GB of free storage -Automatic file conversion to help you download any files you need -No limits to the number and size when uploading your creative files -Total control of who in your team can access and use your digital assets -State-of-the-art security, with files backed up in three different ways every day Did I mention it’s free? Help us improve Bynder Orbit by providing feedback: As we are on Product Hunt today (again, we are so excited!), please share any questions and feedback here with us, and I will be happy to respond. Best, Lidia
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Really cool idea, @lidialuettin! And the UI and UX look stunning! Congrats on the hunt!
Great Stuff! exactly what my team needed 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@ignaciogallegos Cool! Let me know if you have any feedback.
Looks promising! Frees is always <3
@tjapie Thank you :)! Did you make an account already? Let me know if you have any feedback!
@lidialuettin Sure did and will do!
Looks like it's really easy to use! Thanks for explaining what motivated you in this project :)
@learnuxio Thanks! We've spent lot of time testing & optimizing UX. Let me know if you have any more feedback!
A pity you don't accept gmail adresses. Early stage businesses may not be passed that and you exclude them straight away. Hence - can't test as will not do that on my not file management related office address. Hence - can't upvote.
@aneta_duszynska Thanks for your feedback. We're still elaborating whether to allow free email addresses or not, as we want to encourage professional usage for Bynder Orbit. However as you say there are a lot of start-ups & freelancers without a business email address, so we might re-consider. I have sent you a direct message on Twitter with a link where you can sign up with gmail too. Let me know if you have anymore feedback.
@lidialuettin I understand where you're coming from. Having a database of early-phase startups that are not able to be monetized on may not be your business idea and I respect that. However, I do appreciate you giving me access as the product looks really good from the demo. I have followed you on Twitter so that we can direct message. Thanks :)
@lidialuettin Tested, loved, and upvoted! Amazing idea :)
@lidialuettin Hiya, let me in with my Gmail. I'd like to test it :)
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@binoyxj Hi, just try it, it should work! Although we prefer business email of course :)
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